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A new audio-focused multimedia Platform
by tyler kline

Rooted in the ethos of public radio, Loose Leaf Transmissions specializes in media for both digital and broadcast audiences. Igniting curiosity through audio-focused storytelling, we produce high-quality work that reflects a DIY analog spirit while upholding meticulously-crafted production practices.

Loose Leaf Transmissions: Made for all ears.

music/Maker with Tyler Kline

Interviews with music makers, as well as those who make other things. Join Tyler Kline for a new podcast exploring the artist's pathway through conversations with composers, artisans, and more. Hear what influences craft and creation on the music/Maker podcast.

the latest from music/Maker

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All media produced by Loose Leaf Transmissions is available to all ears, free of charge.

Your financial support now, in the early stages of our journey, enables us to grow into something bigger.

Patreon membership levels begin at just $2 per month and higher levels include early access to podcast episodes and more.


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