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music/Maker with Tyler Kline

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music/Maker with Tyler Kline // Episode 1

Updated: May 1

My Unusual Journey to Launch This Podcast

(Solo Show with Tyler)

Headshot of composer Tyler Kline with an overlay saying "music/Maker with Tyler Kline, Episode 1: My Unusual Journey to Launch this podcast"
Photo credit: Susanna Hancock.



Tyler Kline is a composer, broadcaster, and now, a podcaster. Introducing music/Maker with Tyler Kline, a podcast from Loose Leaf Transmissions.

In this series, Tyler will speak with creatives to dig deep into their artistic journey, tracing the path that has led them to be the artists they are today. But what about his path? Today, Tyler shares the journey that led him to launch this podcast, starting way back when he played with stereos and tape recorders as a child. Listen to this introductory solo show to learn about host Tyler Kline and why expanding his platform into the podcast space was important.


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