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music/Maker with Tyler Kline

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music/Maker with Tyler Kline // Episode 10

Updated: Jun 21

Creative Risks and Rewards in Hair Sculpting with

Anna Huffka




Today on music/Maker with Tyler Kline, Tyler meets up with hair stylist Anna Huffka on location at her hair studio, [the iki movement].

Anna Huffka is the owner and operator of [the iki movement], an all-inclusive hair studio based in Lexington, KY where they’ll pamper you in just about any way you can imagine, offering everything from hair sculpting - yes, sculpting, not cutting - to hair coloring, and lots other services to help you feel your best self.

As you can imagine, this episode is a bit of a departure from the usual fare you hear on music/Maker, but don’t worry - it’s all good stuff. Anna and Tyler cover a lot of ground in a short bit of time, like how - when in elementary school - she would help cut her grandma’s hair, the influence of her Japanese heritage on her creative practice and business, the differences between styling individuals in a salon versus styling models for a fashion show - and so much more.

You can check out Anna's work on her studio's Instagram page @theikimovement.

More information about [the iki movement] is on their website,


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