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music/Maker with Tyler Kline

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music/Maker with Tyler Kline // Episode 7

Everyday Discoveries in Music with Vanessa Ague




On today’s episode of music/Maker with Tyler Kline, you’re in for a real treat - and you’re in for something a little different - because today Tyler is joined by writer and experimental music critic Vanessa Ague.

Vanessa Ague is a Brooklyn-based violinist and arts journalist who primarily writes about experimental, contemporary classical, and improvised music. She’s written for The Wire, Bandcamp Daily, Pitchfork, the Quietus, The Brooklyn Rail, WNYC’s New Sounds, WQXR, Texas Monthly, and Musicworks, among others. Since 2017, she’s been running the blog The Road to Sound, where she covers experimental music and the artists who make it. She’s particularly interested in guitars, drones, electronics, and the intersection of all three.

In this discussion, Tyler and Vanessa talk about everything from Hayao Miyazaki films to Radiohead albums, some of the inner workings of arts journalism, why curiosity is not just a good trait for music writers but for everyone, and much more.

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